Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Decor: Entry Way

All this week I will be featuring fall decor around my home. It is all up and since I love this season so much, it is worthy of a full week on my blog!
If I had my way, I would spend a fortune every year adding more home decor; however, I love my husband more than grapevine pumpkins, so I have to keep it simple. I have 3 total rubbermaid tubs for fall. If I have more than that, I may be in trouble!
In the entryway......
I bought this fall runner from Pampered Chef a LONG time ago. The other side is solid army green, so it has a multitude of uses in the fall. The grapevine pumpkin was 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby last year. It works well outside on a red wagon also.
I visited a super cute gift shop in San Antonio last August and bought these funky letters. They are great for these little ledges in my entryway that scream for small decor. The end caps are super cheap and little candy buckets from Hobby Lobby.
I threw an old wooden pumpkin on the ledge among my daughter's photos. I think it is also a Hobby Lobby find. I added straw colored raffia to the stem a few year ago.

Finally, I took down a blue tin star to hang the oversized Autumn bottle cap on the wall in the guest hallway. I tied some spare ribbon from my Ragamuffin Garland to the triangle nail hanger to add a little softness. The bottlecap is also from Hobby Lobby 2 years ago and was under $10.

And yes, both my husband and I are Texas born and bred!
Stay tuned tomorrow for bathrooms!