Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Decor: Kitchen and Dining Room

Let's be honest here- my formal dining room doesn't get used much. It is just a great room for decorating! It is open to the living room and kitchen and therefore a major part of our home. I try to keep the kitchen table where we sit more decor free so that it can be cleared and cleaned often. That leaves the formal dining room for the fun!
This is on the sideboard in the formal dining room. The towel was in a collection from Kohl's and reads, "Lettuce Be Thankful". The acorn is part of a set from Hobby Lobby and I have about 12 of them throughout the house this time of year.Here is the full Ragamuffin Garland lying along the table. I placed it on a fall colored runner purchased in the off season from Pottery Barn. Along the runner is also a set of 5 candlesticks, a gift from my Mother, with small glittery pumpkins and candle on the sticks. The pumpkins are from a boutique in Westlake and were purchased 5-10 years ago. I love placing unexpected items on candlesticks and do this often in the fall.
On the counter top in the kitchen, my husband has a bowl. It is his place for his wallet, keys, cell phone, change, etc. I don't mind it all being out, as long as it is in a fun bowl. So, his normal silver star bowl was exchanged for a wooden pumpkin. I also replaced a summer-scented candle with a fall candle inside a metal jack-a-lantern holder.

Tomorrow, is our last day of fall decor and we'll peek at the living room.