Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It is Never Too Early

There are some things in life that you want to get while the selection is good- swimsuits, a winter coat, Halloween costumes, and planners. I am the person that Franklin Covey releases planners for.... I have called before and asked why they can't release 2010 in Summer of 2009. Why do we have to wait until October of 2009? I don't think they'll be many changes! I am well aware of where I will be July 29th of 2011 and March 13th of 2013. I am a professional event planner for heaven's sake!

See Jane Work has released these SUPER.CUTE. planners for next year and I can't decided which one I like best. The skull and crossbones is not a factor, but I love the other three.

I use Outlook and my Blackberry calendar, but there is something satisfying about a paper planner. I am going to give it another shot. We'll just pretend it is still 1995.


Angie said...

I know what you mean! I keep three calendars too! There is something about writing it all down.

Alison said...

Why don't you use your geeky calendars to schedule some spontaneous activities? PINK and RED is my fave. XOXO

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