Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halloween Costume

I love sweet baby Halloween costumes. Knowing that we have a child this year, I am really looking forward to her first Halloween. We'll likely dress her up, take lots of pictures, visit the homes of a few friends and still go to bed early. But, it'll be wonderful!

My husband and I looked through a few different catalogs and online for her very first costume. We had strong opinions- it should work in warm or cold weather, it can't constrict her legs (she's a kicker!) and it needed to be something different that she wouldn't likely pick herself. I know the princess and cheerleader years will come.

Look at this cute glow worm costume we decided upon! It is on eBay so we didn't have to spend a lot and we can put tights and a shirt underneathe it depending upon the weather. I just know we will have great fun taking glow worm photos in the grass.

Happy Halloween everyone!