Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Bedding

This is no logical reason for me to be looking at baby bedding, but I am. When we were awaiting the 20 week sonogram with out daughter, I sought out boy bedding. I was certain we would have a girl, but wanted to be ready in case I was thrown off. Boy stuff is just plain harder! I am not a cartoon character girl and don't really like firetrucks, puppy dogs or baseballs.
Someone recently told me they were having a boy and I sent them to JC Penney's website for the Aidan collection. This would have filled my son's room, had God given us a son.

I just love the soft khaki, denim blue, chocolate brown and brick red together. I wonder if I can sneak this into my daughter's room before princesses take over! The artwork to go with it- tricycles, wagons, and scooters. Precious!

While looking at my beloved Aidan set, I came across two more sets that I just love- the Love Bird is so sweet for a baby girl. I am over pink and brown. Am I the only one? But, this set brings in coral, apple green and Tiffany blue, colors I am not even near over.

This would be cute with coral walls and a big brown tree painted in the corner. I am certain my daughter's toddler room will include a big brown tree in the corner. When does the toddler makeover happen again?

If you happen to be among the brave (read crazy) who elect to wait 40 weeks to find out what you are having, this Paisley Set is perfect!

You can bring out more of the blues if you have a son and the greens if you get a girl. The girl version is hot pink and green, two colors I also love together. Maybe I should have been a Delta Zeta in college.

In case any of you happen to be pregnant or just browsing cute bedding for friends, remember JC Penney!