Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Etsy Dot Com

I began a love affair with Etsy when I was home on maternity leave almost one year ago. I found so many wonderful baby items made by wonderful women who use etsy to support their families and showcase their creativity.

Now that I am back at work, I spend my lunch breaks eating Chick-fil-a (#5 8-count with a side salad with Italian and a large Diet Lemonade, please) and shopping on Etsy. I can't buy nearly all the things I want to, but find so many treasures. So, I am officially launching ETSYetera (like et cetera, get it?).

Call me your personal shopper- I'll feature fun things I found and may or may not have purchased weekly. I'll be happy to take special requests and look for handmade items just for you! I promise not to feature anything I wouldn't buy myself.

Watch for the first installment of ETSYetera later this week!


Coco said...

That is a wonderful idea! My etsy love affair has been about a year as well.

My house is dripping with etsy purchases, each so unique!

Thena said...

I'm thinking of putting a few items on Etsy. Since your on there so much, and crafty maybe you could help me. I'm trying to decorate a jar with raffia and it's just not looking right. Any suggestions?

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