Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jewel Kade Jewelry

Have you heard of Jewel Kade Jewelry? It is sold through jewelry parties and they have some CUTE pieces! I know they are just getting started, so you could get in high on the downline with this one!
I bought these cute pieces from a former co-worker who lives in Michigan. She said her calendar for these parties is crazy! You can see why!
I bought the Halloween piece from the fall calendar and the ferris wheel. Something about a ferris wheel just makes everyone smile!
These charms are like 2-in-1 since the back side is just as cute! The necklaces they sell are so unique! Look at this one- large chain-like links with a crystal ball and a large clasp in the front. It has an additional clasp just for hanging your pendant from. So, these necklaces are highly interchangeable since you could hang both any charm with the setup.

Look online and find a "stylist" near you before you see the Evite in your inbox inviting you to someone else's party! I promise, you'll love their stuff.

Note, I am not a stylist nor am I paid to say anything nice about Jewel Kade. Just a happy customer.