Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whimsy Bathroom Upgrades

My daughter shares her bathroom with our overnight guests(we also have a powder room). The bathroom is anchored by her bedroom, the guest bedroom and my craft room in the front of the house. When we bought our house we were not yet pregnant, so we tried to keep it neutral and not too kid-like. I used a solid butter yellow shower curtain and green towels and rugs with a couple of bumblebee accessories. Now that we have a beautiful little girl, I wanted to have a little more fun in there and add PINK to the mix!

I purchased a few items at Round Top and then went on the hunt for a mirror. I found this one at Walmart and it met all of my criteria- huge, thick detailed frame, cheap and wood making it paintable! Sunday morning my daughter and I picked it up at Walmart and bought the brightest pink paint in a gloss finish that they sold! It took 5 coats and 2 days to dry, but we have a new bathroom complete with a HOT PINK mirror! I could not love it more!

I added this hot pink bench from Round Top and fun bathroom accessories. The cupcake picture holder is from Target's Valentine's Day line a few years ago. The silver pail filled with washcloths was shower decor when I was pregnant and the colored bowls I recently purchased from a HS band fundraiser. They are plastic bowls that look like cupcake liners. I love cupcakes! They are the perfect size for holding her little toiletries.
I also hung my birdhouse chandelier from Round Top in the bathroom. My daughter loves to stare at it. She also loves to grab at it, but that is another story.

The large green tin flower fit perfectly above the toilet paper and matches the green towels. I am still looking for something to go above the green towel. I am thinking I want a wall decal in pink fun letters with a bathroom song, quote, saying, etc.
I decided I had too much green and added hot pink rugs for just $12 from Walmart!
The green stool is a bench during bathtime for us, it will become her potty when we reach that point, and a stool for teethbrushing later. I am happy to have it out since it matches so well!
Inside the tub is a green frog toy holder from Boon and her giant pink rubber ducky bathtub. If the shower curtain happens to be left open, it all still looks cute!
To spruce up her shower curtain, I wanted to monogram it with her name, but that was out of budget, so I opted for lots of fun ribbons tied to the shower rings. This is super easy to do, very inexpensive, and fun! I spent less than $15 on the ribbon (watch for a Hobby Lobby sale) and cut it varying lengths from 8-18". Have fun with it!
I am awaiting 2 more pink items for the bathroom counter and ordered them online since I could not find what I wanted in the stores. How cute is the patent leather (totally washable) soap dispenser and toothbrush holder?
I can't wait to add these to the room!
I hope you enjoyed my daughter's new bathroom and are inspired to try something fun in your own bathroom!