Monday, November 23, 2009

Gifting Christmas Bibs

My daughter has 7 other babies in her classroom at daycare. I wanted to give them a little present from her and found a cute and inexpensive idea here. These Christmas bibs are easy to make and I spent about $7 on her entire class! Let me show you how! Buy a Christmas (or other print for another season) tablecloth. A 60" x 84" will net you 17 bibs. The tablecloth is a wipeable vinyl on one side and fuzzy fabric on the back. I typically associate these tablecloths with a cafeteria type establishment or my grandmother's house!
Take a bib you currently own and trace the shape onto the back side of the tablecloth. I started out using a Sharpie, but the fuzzy part built up on the ink tip and then I had blue all over me. A ballpoint pen worked much better.

This is the front of the bib that has been cut out with pinking shears for fun! I bought this one at Target for $5. Just make sure the print is right-side-up. I also saw cute snowmen and snowflakes at the grocery store this weekend.
Since my handy seamstress (my Mom) was visiting me, she sewed on small white Velcro squares on the bibs. You could make this no sew by using safety pins, iron on or sticky backed Velcro or even attach snaps.
To present these to her classmates, I gathered extra ric-rac, tulle, Christmas printed paper, a craft punch, hole punch and marker.
I tied a big bow on each rolled up bib and punched out a tag with the giver's name.
These would make great teacher to baby gifts, toddler place mats or even an easy to clean table runner. I guess these cheap tablecloths are not just for Granny!