Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Steam A Seam

Do you think they have a Steam-A-Seam support group? I want to iron on everything I see!
Is this not the cutest turkey!?! I bought him on etsy all cut out and ready to go. I purchased a striped 3/4 sleeve scoopneck tee at Target and added my turkey. I'll be all set for a casual turkey day.I also have a girlfriend pregnant with twin girls, so I made them some twin-attire with Steam-A-Seam. How fun to take little baby pictures as A and B or
Twin 1 and Twin 2. I can't wait to meet these special little girls!
Etsy has so many iron on options! And, they are typically less than $5. A time saver that doesn't cost too much.... I love it!

Here is my turkey' shop

Or, how about holly for Christmas

This one cracks me up!

If my girlfriend was having boys, they would definetely sport a tie