Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wrapping Paper 2009

My husband thinks I am nuts that I theme our Christmas wrapping paper each year! Help me out here, tell me others do this too?
Our theme this year is whimsy red and apple green. I bought three of the rolls on clearance last year and added 2 more rolls last week. I have found a few gift bags and tissue that coordinate, but am still searching for ribbons and tags to match.


Tabriah said...

Sent you a txt but who knows if I sent it to someone else on accident. :) But, I was at Hobby Lobby tonight (going to attempt to make Kaylinn her first tutu all by myself) anyway, they had a HUGE Christmas wrapping paper section and I saw some apple and red (I am not really sure what whimsy red is) that looks like your picture. I didn't look at the bows but I would be surprised if they didn't have any. However, I think I have some that I bought on Christmas Clearance at Sam's, they might have some.
And, I don't theme my wrapping paper. I buy adult wrapping paper and kiddie wrapping paper on clearance. I actually haven't had to buy any wrapping paper or bags for two years. I went through a bag collection (addiction) for a few years (spilled over into wrapping paper too) and had over 1500 Christmas bags. And, I would still take them back from people after they opened their present...yes, I have a problem. Last year I learned to let go and to not buy anymore. I have to talk myself out of buying them. It's really sad. All that being said, I was not one bit surprised that you do theme yours. I think I would have been surprised if you said you didn't. I don't expect a man to understand that, even one as open as your hubby. :)

Bran- said...

Yep, I theme my wrapping paper too! Last year mine was all lime green, pink and red--super cute, although I'm not sure how cute Daniel thought the pink was!! I am not sure what I am doing this year. I'm really in the mood for some kind of white and cream paper with gray bows & feathers...we'll see!

{ L } said...

What a COOL idea! I love this idea...thank you.

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