Monday, November 9, 2009

Tres Leches Cake

We had dinner with some friends on Friday night and I tried my first Tres Leches cake. It was super easy and tasted very milky. Good stuff!I found the recipe online here. Have you heard of The Pioneer Woman Cooks? She calls her husband the Marlboro Man! Funny!
She takes great pictures of herself cooking, most often pouring. I have no idea how she pours and captures it in a perfect picture. She has a new cookbook out. It is on my Christmas list. Based upon her blog, her book is bound to be excellent.


Thena said...

Her cookbook is on my list too. She is awesome. Are you a member of her Tasty Kitchen? Wonderful recipes on there too.

Being Billingsley said...

Ooops... You just bought yourself cake duty for my birthday. DELICIOUS!!!


We are the Guerra's! said...

I've just discovered her website too...I love it! Yes, I wonder about her pictures too :o) Your cake sounds yummy!

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