Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ETSYetera- Banners and Garland

I am loving shopping etsy for everyone! I hope you are enjoying my finds! Sometimes I'll share a store with you and other times (like this one) I am sharing a product from a variety of store.
Remember back when I decided to make a birthday garland and I disclosed it cost me more to make it then the etsy price.... today I'm sharing banners from etsy that you might like in case you haven't made one yet.
How cute would a Thanksgiving banner be in your kitchen or dining room? You can hang these across your kitchen cabinets that you don't need to access on Thanksgiving Day or hang it in your dining room across a wall or windows? You can find it here.
Oh how I love a bold zebra print! This would be such a cute theme for a young child or a teenager! It has so much detail with the scallops, party hats and the ribbons. Find this one at her etsy shop.

I've never thought about making a garland from anything other than scrapbook paper. This one is made from Christmas carols in a hymnal. I happen to have an old hymnal (I honestly don't know how I got a FBC hymnal!) and think I might make this one since I have the main supply already. To purchase your hymnals, go here.

Finally, for a banner that will last longer, consider using fabric and steam a seam. I love this collection of fabric and think this would make a great Spring and Summer birthday banner. The fabric will definitely store better year after year. Simple Whimsey has a great collection for sale.

Happy Hanging!