Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Decor: Living Room

This row of windows is my favorite piece of holiday decor. I love the wreaths hanging from tattered strips of fabric with jingle bells tied on. The wreaths are simple- no frills. Our denim love seat is warmed up with a pinwheel quilt recently purchased from Cracker Barrel. Here is a detailed shot of the wreaths and the fabric strips. No sew, very temporary and very inexpensive to do. I could hang wreaths from every window in my house!
This is our mantle decorated with garland, flannel ribbon, berry picks, a big furry Santa (Hobby Lobby), a Christmas photo of my daughter and husband, and our monogrammed plaid stockings (Old Navy) purchased when we were engaged more than 12 years ago!

I bought 2 stockings and my sister bought 2. Luckily she still had hers and gave them to me for our new addition this year. We have one more on hold, just in case :)
This is our photo from Picture People taken last weekend of my 11 month old and her father in their Santa suits.
Finally, our small, but very important nativity (Hobby Lobby). I love placing this out to remind me of why we even have a Christmas and to help me remember to keep Christ in Christmas.
About 5 years ago when we niece was much younger, she walked into my house and asked me where Jesus was? I hadn't expected to have "the" talk with her, but was ready to launch into heaven and He lives in our hearts. She then told me he was just in the dining room. Then, I was a little nervous and unsure of her question. Come to find out, she was asking about the baby Jesus nativity she had played with the last time she had come over. Whew!