Monday, January 11, 2010

Master Bathroom Mirror Upgrade

I have been waiting months to upgrade our bathroom mirrors. We framed out our master bath mirrors in our old home and it made such a difference! I highly recommend making the change- it is little money for a big bang.

Here is our before picture- it is the standard mirror that comes with your home.
Here is the after! And, the after of my husband's sink.

A close up of the rich wood frame. This is the most cost effective way I know to get the look-

Buy frames you like from any store. I bought ours at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off.

Take your mirrors down and take them along with your frames to any glass store. They will cut your mirror down to fit inside your frames. I used Binswanger that charges $10 per cut. Each mirror was $20 or 2 cuts.

Take the cut mirror and frame back to the store where you bought the frame (we went back to Hobby Lobby) and have them give it the proper finish- backing, hangers, etc.

Hang your new mirror! We used 150 lb. picture holders since they are heavy.

I know you can also glue painted/stained molding to your existing mirror or buy a mirror already framed. Lots of ideas for a big bathroom impact.