Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seriously, Tulle?

I met my girlfriend Alison for dinner on Friday night and we closed down Target. I know, we are wild and crazy Moms on the loose! In the store with us were other Moms enjoying post-bedtime escapes and teenagers obviously awaiting a movie or getting a new outfit to go out that night.
We found this outfit on sale in the clothing section of Target. Do you see that striped scarf in the picture? Okay, if you can see my scarf BEHIND the shirt, what else would you see if someone actually wore this? The entire shirt is made from tulle, not even the soft tulle. Really, more like the netting you wrapped columns in for your 1999 wedding!Alison modeled the "nude" dress also in this line! Doesn't she look hot? Skin-colored tulle over a silk and lace dress (used loosely) is not a complete outfit. I seriously hope I don't see anyone in this outfit for real- it is just bad!
What do you think? Could you wear this?


The Lil Missus said...

That isn't an outfit!!! That's more like lingerie! That's crazy!

April said...

I am dissapointed in Target!

Alison said...

I must say that if anyone can pull those off, we could! XOXO Al

Being Billingsley said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't run into you guys at Target that night. I had a cart full of those sweet tulle ensembles.

Rockin' the skin tone one right now!



We are the Guerra's! said...

LOL, Michael and I were killing some time at Target on NYE and we saw those same "outfits"; yes they are ridiculous and no, they are not fashionable, I don't care if Natalie Portman wears it or not (and she looked horribly thin in that picture BTW...girl needs to eat a sammich, stat!)

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