Thursday, March 11, 2010

Get Your Piggies Ready...

It has been in the 70s this week and my piggies need a pedicure! I'll be sporting pretty toes this time tomorrow and will break out the sandals! I love shoes, but I really love flip flops. I have an area in my closet devoted to them and an ottoman full of them at the foot of my bed. I have cheap one, leather ones, plastic ones, and all time favorite ones!
Here are some of my recommendations for this year!
White sandals are hard for me. I know white is big this time of year and the floral dresses all have a white element to them, but white shoes are hard to pull off. I like these white patent sandals from Clarks. The brown leather base really offset the stark crisp white color and don't draw too much attention to your big ol' feet. I do own these in other colors and they are somewhat padded on the bottom- more comfortable than they look!
J. Crew is not a place I normally shop. They like little bitty tall girls. I am not little bitty. I am not tall. But, I put on my best skinny outfit and proudly walk into their store this time of year for shoes! They will have every color, plaid, polka dotted and printed flip flop my heart can imagine each Spring. Plus, they are less than $20. Just my price! Look at these BEAUTIFUL pink ones! I'd have to get a perfectly pink pedi to wear these!
I think a metallic sandal is a must for this Spring and Summer. These are from the Gap and less than $40. With the stone detail, you can mix with silver or gold. I love the pinky-peach addition. I can see so many uses with these sandals- work, church, and play!
Bernardo is my favorite brand of dressy sandals. They are expensive, so I buy one pair each summer. I own 3 pair and they all still look brand new. I have a somewhat wide foot and a big pet peeve of toes hanging off flip flops. These have a really wide base where your foot is the widest. They are all leather! I wear these shoes to church with dresses, to work with slacks, and even with jeans. They are super versatile!

I own three pair of these flip flops and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I own. I wear them around the house, with capri pants or even at the pool. The bottoms are squishy, they have arch support and come in lots of great colors! At only $25, I could not recommend them more.

Another great poolside option from Footpetals. These look more substantial than your Old Navy flip flop and are only $20. Love the metallic!
Happy Spring!