Friday, March 19, 2010

Silhouette Art

I was inspired by Lindsay's DIY Silhouettes to do some art of my darling daughter's profile. When I saw her profile on my sonogram, I fell in love. So, this art reminds me of the immediate love a mother feels for her unborn child. This was SUPER easy to do and cost me $4. I had everything I needed except my canvas which was $7.99 and on sale for half price. I purchased the 7x9 size.
I painted my canvas green and while it was drying, printed Abby Lu's picture as a 5x7 on simple copy paper in black and white. The hardest part of the project was getting a good profile picture!

I then traced the cut out on the back side of my scrapbook paper and cut it out again. You could easily use fabric if you'd prefer!

Once my canvas was dry (the blow dryer really helped!), I used my favorite Color Box ink pads to age the edges in black. You could skip this step if you like "cleaner" art.

Next, I cut out the lines from an old hymnal that I wanted to use and aged the paper with another Color Box ink pad. Dune is a great color for aging.

I then used ribbon and modge podge to give my art a border. The white stapled canvas edges would have killed my look!

Now it was time to use my Modge Podge and attach everything. It is like school glue- just glue your items down. It can also go across the top and dries clear. No need to be extra careful.

I used a ribbon slide and more of the checkered ribbon to embellish the bottom. I don't want to forget the rewards of having faith.

I also used glue dots to add a flower to Abby's Lu's hair and gave it a button center.

I'm in love.... with the art and her!

The entire project took me about 1 hour. How great is that! If you make a silhouette, please let me know. I'd love to see the other options for colors and embellishments! And again, thank you Lindsay for the inspiration!