Saturday, May 8, 2010

On the Hunt for Cute Navy Shoes

Black and navy do not match. I just can't do it. I own a pair of navy pants that seldom get worn, because I just don't have a pair of navy shoes I love. I own a pair of navy loafers from back in the day and I can't wear them in my right fashion mind anymore. I just can't. So, I am hunting for a cute pair of navy shoes. Perhaps you are too? Here are some great options I found!
How fun are these? The green buckles add a little personality to a simple well made navy wedge. I think these would be great with my navy pants or a cute little floral dress. Fun! Navy dressy patent sandals that aren't too granny! I like these with a navy summer suit or dress. Plus, since they are by Sofft, you know they won't hurt your feet! These sure are cute and I like the use of both navy and aqua blue!This is a unique shade of blue, but I just love the retro feel of these shoes. They also come in black and red in case the blue color is too limiting for you. It is for me. I really like these navy sandals- cute, comfortable and the blue is vibrant. You can't mistake it for black! These look so much cuter here. I love the big buckle and the price. They come in black and orange also! The reviews are not so kind in the comfort department. Ugh!

A perfect kitten heel in navy! Good work Calvin Klein! If I were a crazy (crazy because my feet would be killing me!) woman who still wore heels, these would be great. Classic navy patent peep toe would last you forever! Thank you Bandolino for recognizing young fashionable women like navy, too!
Lots of additional casual options from Birkenstock, Havannias, and the casual tennis shoes with navy! Happy Shopping!