Monday, June 14, 2010

Gourmet Doughnuts

I live in Austin, Texas. Our city slogan is "Keep Austin Weird". Last night I went to South Lamar where weird is normal and ate food on a picnic table on the side of the road out of a large trailer. Weird, huh? It was worth it and the stretchy pants that came from it.
This is Gourdough's which stands for Gourmet Doughnuts. I sinned big time in the land of healthy diets. I just might sin again next month. This is me and my sin- small doughnut holes, filled with cream, sitting in cream and topped with coconut. The most sinful fruit there is.
I was not alone in my sin- this is the plate of Cherry Bombs my friend Andrea ordered. Doughnut holes, sitting in cream, topped with cherry pie filling, cake batter, and cinnamon and sugar.

In case you don't like sweets, this is the Flying Pig I brought home to my husband. One doughnut, covered in maple icing and bacon coming right up. Sinful!

Heather ate "Son of a Peach". She doesn't cuss, but those words coming out of her mouth made me laugh. Her doughnut was covered in peach gel, with cake batter, cinnamon and sugar on top. Seriously!

I am certain these could be duplicated at home in case your town isn't weird like mine. Here is the full menu. I plan to try Granny's Pie next time I am feeling weird.

Anything about your town weird? Is Austin weird enough for you?