Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grilled Summer Vegetables

My coworker shared zucchini and squash from his garden with me this week. I have never cooked these before and asked his recommendation on how to prepare squash and zucchini. I shall trust him in the kitchen from now on!
This is what you need- Wash, peel and dice your veggies. One medium zucchini and one small squash are perfect for two people.
Saute them in a little olive oil until they begin to brown. Liberally add bread crumbs and shredded cheese and toss. What a healthy alternative! You can also cook them on the grill like we did this past weekend with our friends. We used a skillet made for the grill. They tasted just the same.

With all the talk of white dishes last week, here is a summer place setting from our dinner party. Super simple and easy with white dishes! The place mats are from Pottery Barn Kids and wipe clean. Great for family dinners!

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