Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Images of Fall in my Home

I took these pictures weeks ago and then forgot to post them. I am trying to mix up fall, Halloween and a little Thanksgiving this season. It seems random to me, but I am trying to loosen up a bit and live with random. ha!

This pictures is from my daughter's school project last year when she was 11 months old. I love the whimsy artwork in a very formal frame. It is paired with scattered acorns and fall gourds and a fall runner on my red entry table.
I love these blocks from a cute little gift shop in San Antonio. They would be easy to make if you wanted a set. Having these art ledges in my house always confused me, but now I know they are perfect from word art like this.
This is my sad little Halloween tree. I've always wanted one and know I am just confused with how to decorate him. I'm hoping to catch some more Halloween ornaments on clearance next weekend. The pumpkin bells and green/purple sequined spiders are from Pier One.

This is where the random begins- a little acorns, some Trick or Treat, a pumpkin, some fall garland, and a witch. Is it random or just a big mess?
The formal dining room.... pumpkins, turkeys and my favorite thankful sign on the sideboard.
I love this fall runner and the golden centerpiece bowl. They are perfect for fall.
Again with the random.... I added white pumpkins to the fireplace mix and I either need twice as many or another place for these because I think they are just a mess this year!
So, there you have it, images of fall in my home. I think I am uninspired this year because it is still 88 degrees outside and I can't eat soup, turn on the heater or put on a cute sweater.