Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Foot Fetish: TACKY!

These have to be some of the tackiest most plastic boots I have ever seen. I can't imagine where you would ever wear these?
It doesn't get any better with these! The company that makes these boots... Pleaser USA. Wow!
Here is their company description:
Pleaser USA shoes, Pleaser USA pumps, Pleaser USAsandals and Pleaser USA boots all exude a sense of fun, flirty and adventurous style. Pleaser platformsand sky-high heels are seductive and completely captivating, perfect for the girl who loves to get noticed. The Pleaser look is not for the tame at heart. Pleaser shoes offers seductive thigh-highboots, sweet and sexy mary janes, fabulous acrylicplatforms and lots of other funky and feminine styles that let you play to your heart's desire.

Just in case you are looking for fun Halloween footwear for next year, check them out here.