Thursday, November 18, 2010

Making Whoopie

I have entered the world of whoopie pies and if it doesn't change my life, it will at least change my waist line. My heavens, these little suckers are good! It is said their name comes from the joyous noise farmers would make when they opened their lunch pails and found these treats inside.
I bought this cookbook at Crate and Barrel after seeing it had about 20 different cake/cookie options and another 20 pie fillings. What fun my Kitchen-aid mixer and I could have! I envisioned Red Velvet with Cream Cheese, Cornbread with Chive Goat Cheese, Vanilla with Orange Cream, Lemon with Peachy Marshmallow. Oh the options!
To aid my success in making well rounded whoopies, I bought the pan from Crate and Barrel also. It isn't totally necessary and you could do fine without it. I would recommend a melon baller or small ice cream type scoop- my 2 spoon method didn't make pretty whoopies.
My first attempt was pumpkin cakes with the traditional marshmallow centers. I've been told that the classic whoopie pies sold in the northeast are chocolate with the marshmallow center.
While the cakes cooled, I whipped up my center. Literally! This stuff is thick- it doesn't come off the paddle without some help. This yummy goodness is marshmallow creme, shortening, vanilla, and powdered sugar. You just can't go wrong with that list!
Voila- my first whoopie pie.
Seconds later. I told you it was going to change my waist line!
Since it made 20 whoopie pies and my husband was out of town, I had to share. To transport these little gifts, I used a Solo brand plastic cup and cut it down to size and then wrapped it up in the clear pastry bags you can buy in bulk at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. These are great to keep on hand for gifting sweets.
Add a little ribbon, gift tag, and stickers and you have a thoughtful, yummy and cute gift!
Now, what other occasions call for a little whoopie?