Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funky Girl's Room

My daughter will be 2 next month and it is time to start thinking about her "big girl" room. My sister has a comforter obsession and likes to change our her bedding often- I think I could easily go there. I have been looking at little girl bedding options for a good year and think (at least for now) that this is the bedding we'll go to next.
It is called Priti by Land of Nod. Land of Nod is the kid's line of Crate and Barrel. They have some great styles and lots of fun toys for the little ones. I like this bedding since it has some blue in it (the color of her walls) and yellow (the color of the chair in her room). We would pair it with this bed I have had picked out since I bought the larger version for our guest bedroom. I would do the bed in white to match her IKEA Hemnes dresser.
Abby is a bold kid with a spunky personality and I think her room should reflect that. I love these paper lanterns and think a smattering of them in her reading corner or above her bed would be fun! I'd do orange and hot pink for sure!
I also love this capiz shell lamp- the pink and orange or the blue and green would look lovely with the Priti bedding. Such fun options!
Hopefully the budget allows for some or all of these pieces to make her next room super special and a good place she'll want to play, read, and sleep! The task of moving my amazing sleeper out of her crib scares me a little.