Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick and Easy Teacher Gifts

Abby's school is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week and they gave us a list of what to bring each day for her teachers. It is simple small things to honor her teachers without spending a lot of money. Monday was candy day- here is our candy.
I have also given a big jar of Smarties for a friends graduation. Something fun! You could also play off Dum Dums!

Tuesday was fruit day- so we skipped the traditional apple and honored her "pear" of teachers Kristen and Sabrina.
These are both placed in the treat bags you can buy at Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the cake aisle and small gift tags from the scrapbooking aisle. I try to keep both on hand because they make great packaging for little items.

I have many friends that are teachers. To all the teachers out there- thank you! You do such important work, spend long hours and your own money, and put up with a lot from difficult kids, ungrateful parents, and do it all for less pay than so many other professions. Thank you!