Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Foot Fetish: My New Toms

I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that I thought TOMS were so ugly and I didn't get it. I'll be honest, I hadn't seen them on anyone, just online, in pictures and at the store waiting to be sold. This past weekend, I saw the cutest little Mom in these silver glitter TOMS and I immediately wanted them. She had one a white boyfriend shirt, rolled up jeans, a red belt and these shoes. I was sold!
My Mother's Day gift didn't work out like I had thought it would so after a little return on his part, I ordered these instead. I can't wait to wear them on the weekends and this summer when my office goes to casual summer attire! We wear jeans and capris from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

I love that for Mother's Day I not only got new shoes, but I gave a pair to a child whose Mother can't. I feel like I am sharing Mother's Day with someone I don't even know whose love for her child is just as great as mine for Abby Lu.

Here are some other favorites in case you want to give and receive also!

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