Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Free Mommy Cards from Minted

I read on another blog about Minted offering free "Mommy" cards on their site and dropped everything to get myself a set. They arrived and I love them!
I had to blur out some of my information, but hopefully you get the gist of them!
25 cards are free or you can get $25 off if you order a larger quantity provided you agree (after the design step) to have their logo printed on the back. Sign me up, right!
They have lots of beautiful color combinations and options. Since you pick each line of text, these can be more than Mommy cards. They can be personal cards, small business cards, you name it! They even allow you to upload a logo or family photo.

They came in this super cute little box that you could carry in your purse.
I put mine in a green houndstooth case I had just waiting for something cute!
For the record, Minted has no idea who I am. I just took advantage of their great deal and wanted to share. Enjoy your free cards, too!