Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Halls Are Decked!

Oh how I love my home at Christmas time! I love the excitement of Santa, wrapped presents under the tree, peppermint candles and cookies, and the evenings with a fireplace and lit tree. It all makes me happy! So welcome, look around, and leave me a comment with a link to your home. I love getting ideas and peeking in other's homes!

Our home has a really wide, like 6' wide, entryway. In the floorplan, they called it a gallery. We aren't gallery type people, but we do like the open space it gives us. The large wall that leads into the living room is covered in a collage of art, clocks, shelves, and more. I added in a few Christmas trees on the shelves, and put out a bucket of old Christmas cards on the red and white runner on the vintage dresser. Having warm blankets in the basket makes me happy. I think of cozy nights watching football on the couch with my husband.
When you first open the door, I have the red table with holiday pictures, garland, and my favorite shutter pained green a few years ago for holding Christmas cards. My frames above the table are from the awesome Delta Girl on etsy.

We use our dining room more in December than any other time, so I like to keep it simple saving room for our family and friends! The "house" on the tables says, "Love Came Down at Christmastime". I love that little reminder. I also have my nativity and a few nativity snow globes on the buffet. I own 20 or so snow globes and decided this year to only put a couple of them out. Since my daughter is three, it'll help me stress less!
We recently cleared out some furniture (thank you Craigslist!) and made room for our tree to be in the living room. We have a skinny tree that is 9' tall. Our ceilings are 10' so with Santa on top, it is the perfect height! My tree and decor style at Christmas is lots of plaid, flannel, mittens, and soft sweaters. I'll share more pictures of my tree later this week!
The kitchen doesn't have a ton of decor because I spend so much time in there over the holidays! I love to bake and share love through calories. It is just the way I am :) The Delta Girl frames bulletin board is my new addition this year and I love it. It is right by our dining room table and Abby Lu is so proud to tell me about her artwork while we eat dinner.
I have my staging area all set up (bottom left in collage above!). This week I am making 10 gift baskets of baked goods for some of my husband's clients. I have cookbooks pulled, boxes and tags ready, and am excited to bake all week. I promise to share recipes soon!

Our bedroom is just off the living room and is normally khaki, black and red. I added in a celery green this fall and love seeing the green with red for the holidays. My new addition is the sweater pillow- it was made from an old sweater and just $15 at a local craft fair. I was so excited when she told me the price. I would have totally paid more!
The headboard is decorated with my Christmas ragamuffin garland made last year. It is always fun to pull out handmade items each year. I treasure them!

Thanks for visiting my home this holiday season! Don't forget to leave a comment with a link to your Christmas decor!

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