Our Home

I do so many postings in my home that I thought this would be a nice place for new readers to get a snapshot of my home and style in one place. 

Let me say upfront, my house isn't huge, it isn't fancy, and it is certainly a work in progress. I do this only because I love home decor. I really considered it when picking a college major (I chose Communications instead!), but was discouraged by family. Being the first in your family to go to college puts a little pressure on you to make sure you get a job when you get out. I am a professional event planner now, so I get to play a little in the area. But, I definitely spend my free time and money on my home and hobbies that allow me to use my creativity.

We bought our home in March 2008- just 10 days before I did IVF that led to our Christmas blessing, Abby Lu. Our home was less than 2 years old and had been lived in for 7 months and empty for 7 months. We fell in love immediately! For someone who loves House Hunters on HGTV, we bought the 2nd house we saw. We looked at 3 in total. Crazy!

We made updates here and there, until Abby started kindergarten in 2014 when we had some extra money freed up each month to start tackling major projects! You'll see lots of updates happen in 2014-2015.

I would describe my style as Americana. My favorite color is red and I love it mixed with denim, khaki and black. Starting in 2014, I began removing the red and black and moving more toward brown, turquoise and orange. I try to keep it cohesive and comfortable. My husband does not go for pillows that can't be laid on or hand towels that can't be touched. I love him and he pays the bills too, so I try and honor his simple requests.

Here are links to various rooms in our house with home improvement projects built in!

Living Room

Glass Front Cabinets added- 2014

Our Daughter's Space

Thanks for stopping to visit!