Monday, June 11, 2012

4th of July Mantle and Cake Stands

I never know what to do with my mantle over the summer and decided to make it happen this year! We normally have a couple of friends over on the 4th and I hated not being decorated on that day. They likely don't even notice, but I do :)

Here is my new 4th of July mantle. It is simple and was inexpensive to complete!

I found this pennant on Etsy, but you could easily make your own. I didn't own enough fabric scraps or have the jute, so it was cheaper to just buy it. It is 9 feet long and works perfectly. I paid $12 for it, but if you have the fabric, very easy to make and would cost you nothing! The only sewing is at the top of each scrap to keep it tightly secured on the jute.

I bought 6 3-packs of flags at the Dollar Spot at Target and placed 3 flags in each mason jar with a little jute on tied around the jars. The jute wasn't necessary in the end because you can't even see it!

I wanted the words PEACE in the middle, but I couldn't find that; however, I do feel very blessed that we live in a country where we are free to worship our God, speak out for and against one another, and that we have so many cultures to learn from every day. Blessed fits us just perfectly! It was 50% off at Hobby Lobby and I spray painted it navy since it came in black only.

A view of the mantle from a distance... love it!

I visited a friend of mine's home on Wednesday afternoon. She lives 2 hours away or I would sneak over for inspiration weekly. I promise to give her more warning next time and bring my camera- she is my design goddess. I love her style. It is kitschy, country, comfortable, everything has a story and I just love it. She has piles of quilts, bookcases of luggage, and her liquor is in an old Coca Cola crate. Genius! I picked up on a few things she did and made some changes at my house.

My Dr. Pepper crate was lost on top my cabinets, so I brought it down and loaded it with fun stuff in my living room. I really want a yellow Coca Cola one now :)

Alison had 2 cake stands holding items in her kitchen and now I do, too :) This one holds a mix of candles on the bar. I can light whichever send I am feeling that day.

Next to my sink, I used another pedestal for the soap, sweet & low, toothpicks and my vintage salt and pepper shakers. It is a fun touch to the kitchen.

Thanks Alison for letting me visit and take home a few fun new tips for my home!