Monday, July 9, 2012

Abby's New Canvas

When I saw this canvas on Shannon's blog, I wanted to make one with Abby Lu. So, we grabbed a new canvas on our next trip to Hobby Lobby! I had lots of random stickers from my paper scrapbooking days. I put the stickers on the canvas, gave Abby two Ceramcoat paints to match her room and let her go to town!

Unfortunately, the strength and excitement of a 3 year old beat out the sticking ability of year old stickers and we ended up with a mess! Once I removed the stickers, I had part of words, missing letters, you name it!

So, I gave her a second round and let her paint over the white that remained when I peeled off the stickers. And, then I splurged (hehe!) and spent $3 on new stickers. I wish I had bought them in the first place!

We ended up with a great piece of art that she is so proud of! I sing this song to her and she calls it Momma's song. It just made sense to add it to her room.