Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bedroom Changes

I updated my master bedroom a few months ago and until now, hadn't blogged it!

You'll remember the room looked like this with red, black and khaki. While I loved that color palette, green has really been speaking to me! So I bought this green quilt last fall and used my khaki and black quilt with it until winter came and we froze! Two quilts just wasn't enough for us so I searched out a thicker comforter to match! I found success one Sunday at TJ Maxx after church.

Just a few weeks ago, I finally made a decision on the curtains. I just bought a simple thick ivory. Pardon the collection of curtain in the window seat. My favorite seamstress hasn't been here to hem them for me. The weight of these new curtains was too much for my curtain rod (we had a valence previously) so we had to install a middle rod support and hung it upside down since it is nothing but blinds in them middle.

I added a little subway art on my side of the bed. Still looking for something on his little wall, to the left of the curtains above.

I have a small collage going on the wall near the dresser. I love the larger print- it was on post-Valentine clearance at Hobby Lobby. 

I also recently made a couple of changes in the guest bedroom, before here. I traded out my quilts. I had been using this one for a couple of years and wanted to use an authentic quilt made by my husband's grandmother. I have three of her quilts- lucky girl I am!

I also brought in my favorite red star chest from the foyer and a few pieces of milk glass. The green frame and pillow came from my office.

I love when I can refresh a room with simple and free changes!