Friday, August 17, 2012

Macbeth Collection Shelf Paper

 I was at the grocery store recently and while shopping for dryer sheets found the cutest shelf paper, called The Macbeth Collection. Initially, the zebra print caught my eye. Then, I saw this beautiful light aqua color and bought 2 rolls not exactly sure how I would use it. It was worth the $3.97 to find a project for it!

I unloaded my groceries and dropped the paper into my craft room and it hit me- this would be cute on my black furniture! I initially thought I would place it behind the shelves, but they are so full. So, I went with the top and the inlay on my black pieces.

I love the impact it made on my black and boring printer stand!

It also makes my room look so cheery from the door!

 I added the paper to the top after the picture above was taken. I still had a full roll left and decided it would make the top even more fun! 

I am really debating placing it on top of my desk. I love it so much!

Don't be afraid to search for cute shelf paper and update your furniture. Remember, it you don't like it, it can be removed super quick and easy. My best advice for keeping the bubbles out.... start on one end and unroll a little bit at a time using your fore arm to smooth it out as you go.