Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My First Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project

If you follow me on Facebook, you have seen my recent excitement over Annie Sloan Chalk Paint coming to a new little store in my area. I have seen this paint all over craft blogs and Pinterest and until recently, it couldn't be bought anywhere near me! I recently decided I wanted to paint my kitchen island red and googled her paints and found The Weathered Cottage, just a few miles from me.

I bought Emperor's Silk (red), dark wax, and two paint brushes the next day. Before tackling my island, I decided to paint a small table I wasn't using. SOLD! It was given to me by my Mother-in-Law years ago. It was originally dark 70's wood with a pattern etched on the top in gold. 

I am in love with this paint and the treatment it gives! Walk with me through this amazing paint (my personal opinion, no freebies or consideration has been given to me from this company)...

My table was painted with a crackle finish almost 10 years ago and since that fad has passed, I gave it another coat of paint- Annie Sloan Emperor's Silk.

The joy of this paint- there is no stripping or sanding. You just start painting. I hate prep work on a project, so I was excited to have color on the table in 2 minutes. To fully cover the crackle, it took 3 coats. You can see the coverage increase with each coat.

With this paint, you seal it with a wax. It comes in clear and dark plus you can mix it with a little paint to give a color wash effect. I wanted the piece to look old and aged, so I used dark wax. It is hard to see since it is so black, but I barely used any wax. It smells like motor oil :)

In this picture, you can see the base of the table has the dark wax and the table top is just the three coats of paint. If you liked the solid red, you would just use a clear wax to seal it and be done!

This table top can be unhinged to serve as a more decorative piece as it is here. I ordered a 12" letter J vinyl decal to place on here when it is in this position.

What do you think? Love it! To learn more about the paint click here or here for all the cool colors! I plan to buy a turquoise blue next and paint my office desk. 

 Up next, my kitchen island! I can't wait to have this old pop of red inside my kitchen!

I linked up my new table with Rhoda here!