Friday, September 14, 2012

Antibes Green Desk

When I added the Macbeth shelf paper to my bookcases lately, I realized how big and black my desk looked! Since I want to paint everything I own in Annie Sloan chalk paint, I decided I needed to branch out of red and try another color. I debated green and turquoise, but decided to give the Antibes Green a try.

Here is my big black boring desk...

One coat of paint wasn't nearly enough to cover the black desk. It ended up taking three full coats. My girlfriend Andrea and I were talking about this paint recently- each project I have done has taken three coats, although the can says one. The paint is thickened by chalk instead of water or oil, so it doesn't "slide" like most paints do. Just keep painting and be thankful it dries so quickly!

After three coats, I sanded the corners and a few other places. Since my local store was out of clear wax, I thought I could use dark and it would be okay. I was wrong. If you want a strong olive green/ brown color, the dark wax is perfect. I wanted a popping lime green, so I painted right over the wax and was back in business!

After a quick coat of clear wax on my dry paint, I have a fun new bright green desk that I love!

What do you think? Am I crazy for covering my office in shelf paper and lime green paint?