Sunday, September 16, 2012

I love me some Home Goods

This will look like a shameless plug that ends with me telling you that Home Goods gave me a gift certificate, but I promise it isn't. I just walked the store in San Antonio while on vacation recently and took the opportunity (since I wasn't in my hometown) to snap a bunch of pictures. I wish we had a Home Goods near us, the closest one is 45 minutes away!

While my husband and daughter waited in the car, I took 20 minutes of quiet time and walked the store. Here are my favorites...

I have no room for this chair and it matches nothing in my house, but I love it! I want it in an entry way but a cool chic mirror on the wall and a black round side table with a fancy book and a family picture on it.

This would be cute next to the chair also! I have a friend with a cool gray, purple and white color palette in her house and this would be perfect for her. It would make a great nightstand if you could score a pair.

My favorite thing about Home Goods is the selection of holiday decor. They are currently decked out for Halloween. Aren't these spider web serving pieces fun! I want to fill them with Pinterest inspired orange, white and black treats!

These people are lots of fun!

Or, you can go a little more "fall" with your decor and use pumpkins. I was so tempted to buy pumpkins and gourds in all these metallic colors until I remembered I have a chest full of pumpkins in my garage that I should try to paint. My husband would appreciate that :)

I also love the unique home decor items in every corner.

Isn't this bright orange magazine rack cute? 

I love these coral vases. I have seen some cute girl rooms lately in gray, turquoise and coral lately! I have the itch to do Abby's room again. It is such fun to decorate for a little girl!

In the end, I bought a couple of Halloween items, a new big bright red pitcher, and an old red metal basket for magazines in the guest bedroom. Fun shopping for sure!