Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Round Top Finds

My girlfriend Andrea and I spent Saturday afternoon exploring the fields of Warrenton and Round Top hoping to find a few special things... a vintage ladder to hold quilts, two large scones to hold a shelf in her daughter's room, and turquoise Tupperware glasses like Uncle Si uses for his sweet tea. We didn't find any of those things, but we did find some real winners!

First of all, we had our obligatory Royer's Pie at Zapp Hall. Last time we were here, they only had large pies and we dug in. Luckily, this time, they had mini pies. I enjoyed a Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie pie. Delicious! 

Pardon my red skin... the clouds were deceiving and I got a sunburn!

Andrea declared her cherry pie the best ever. I am not a cherry pie fan, but it did look good and the cherries were so sweet and dark.

Zapp Hall area is a really fun place with eclectic booths, live music and lots of tables under the trees. We loved taking a little break here to people watch and enjoy the cool breeze and live music.

Speaking of people watching, the fashion of Round Top is top notch. We saw grown women in tutus with printed leggings and running shoes, Mexican dresses with fringe all around them, people way overdressed to walk 5 miles in the dirt fields, and a lot of people with gypsy-like hairpieces. Apparently wrapping a ribbon around your head with a giant flower is popular again?

I bought two items for my house that I just love. Look at the new little pillow for my guest bed. Who wouldn't want to be loved like biscuits and gravy? So sweet and fun!

Finally, one of my favorite vendors added butterflies to their painted tin collection. I loved the colors in this one and bought it for my daughter's room. She also has a large flower made of tin from Texas Trash and Treasures. They always have such cute stuff!

If you are ever in the Austin area the first weekend of April or October, be sure to visit Round Top. Just bring cash and your favorite tutu :)