Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kitchen Table Makeover

Meet my newly improved kitchen table- black with a new tabletop in Annie Sloan's Country Grey.

I have always wanted a black round pedestal table.... and then I got this one and a year later the top looks dirty all the time.

The shine is gone and has been replaced with water rings, scratches, paper towel lint, fork pokes and crumbs. I can wipe it clean after every meal and it still looks dirty. I was over it, so I decided to paint the top and try to make it look fresh again.

I went round and round with myself over what to do- paint the whole table, just the top, paint the chairs or leave them black. In the end, I bought Country Grey from Annie Sloan's chalk paint line. It is a good khaki color that I thought would blend well with the black and also the other reds I have in the kitchen. A big part of my wanted to go and paint each chair a different color a la Friends circa 1995. But, that was a lot of painting, so I went table top only.

You can see one coat on the left and two coats on the right.

I am really happy with the final product. It goes well with my floors, wall color, the black chairs and all of my other kitchen decor.

Let's hope this holds up better than the black top did!