Sunday, September 29, 2013

IKEA Expedit Toy Labels

A friend recently gave us a white Expedit from IKEA as her kids had really outgrown toys. I was thrilled to have it and get Abby's playroom to a happier place. We had so many toys bins in her room and her closet and I loved the idea of everything fitting in one piece of furniture. We bought 10 cloth baskets are Target for about $5 each and I spent nap time getting her playroom organized!

I like that the space is still fun and colorful and it is easy for her to pull down a basket and play and easy for her to clean it up, too! I looked all over Pinterest and there are so many cute option for organizing toys and general stuff with an Expedit. In the end, I used what I had, a label maker, and put stickers directly on the shelves. This means nothing gets ripped off the basket handle and it means that the baskets have to stay in this order because the shelves determine the placement. Abby is loving it and within an afternoon memorized each basket's right spot. I think having five different colors is also really helpful.  

Here are some of the other options I found and many include free printables!

from Life on Paper Co

from Notable Nest

from Be Simply Organized

from Bubble and Bobbins

from Life at Number 91
I think the key to these working is to include a picture if your child is unable to read. So many cute labels with actual photos of the toys or clip art from online. Abby can't read, but with only 10 bins and her knowing her letters, we were able to get away without using pictures.

I also think laminating is smart. My girlfriend Alison is amazed that I don't own a laminator. I can imagine it would be helpful in so many ways!

Chalk is also great because you can easily change out what the label says if you will be changing out your bins.

Happy Organizing!