Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grateful- Week Six

Oh how easy it is to be grateful when you are looking for it! See more #annaisgrateful posts here

It is in the high 70s this week in central Texas- I am so grateful to pull out my sandals and have a fresh pedicure ready for the warm weather this week! I got Chick Flick Cherry by OPI this week- a good dark red. 

Did you see this post with these amazing muffins? I am grateful to have them as I try to start working out more during the day. I always struggle with a filling and protein packed breakfast. No one has time to be scrambling eggs before school. :)

Monday morning I ate my muffins before heading to the gym. I am grateful for the time to workout and the motivation of a beach vacation this summer to drive me!

We spent Saturday afternoon at my Dad's house. While there, Abby is grateful for lots of golf cart rides with Granpa!

Abby and I spend three mornings per week with these two little friends. I am grateful for the little friends they are to Abby and the time I get to spend with their Mommy.

Last Wednesday Abby had her Valentine's party at school. I am so grateful my "job" means attending those parties with her. I was a little late and she was so sad- she doesn't know parties without Momma there.

I am grateful for modern medicine that can tell us so much about food allergies these days. I am praying on Friday morning it tells me that Abby is not allergic to tree nuts. That girl has missed her almond milk! ;)

Through my MOPS group, I am grateful Abby had a chance to serve others on Valentine's day. I hope service becomes a regular part of our lives as she grows up. Being an only child it is so hard to teach her to look out and see others and be grateful inside. I am learning it and want her to learn it sooner than I have.