Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Worldly Summer: Mexico

There is a little bit of a homeschool Mom in me, so this summer we are going around the world with my daughter who will enter 1st grade next year. She picked the countries she wanted to study (with a little help from my husband and I) and we've come up with food, crafts, books, movies, and more to study the culture of the people there. We are planning to do this over 7 weeks of the summer when we don't have other big things planned like VBS or vacation. I'll share craft ideas and recipes as we go!

Hola! We visited Mexico for our first world summer stop! 

We studied the beaches of Mexico- Cancun, Cozumel and Cabo and made this fun beach craft with playdoh, salt dough, and a paper plate. See details here

We are keeping this really simple so we checked out books from the library to learn more about the country, climate, people, and history and bought a fun Dora book that helps teach simple Spanish words. It had pull tabs and Abby really enjoyed it. She made us laugh with her deep voice for crab!

We did math with Mexican coins, sampled Mexican candies from the local convenient store, enjoyed Mangonada, and Pioneer Woman's Tres Leches cake. 

I pinned lots of ideas here if you want to preview our summer! This week, we are studying Antarctica! Brr! :)