Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Abby's 1515Home

Our new home is 1515 square feet with 3 bedrooms. The two front bedrooms are much smaller than we had before and we went back and forth with how to arrange them.... Abby takes big room and smaller room is for guests or Abby has them both and we do bigger bed in bigger room and play room in smaller room or get her a twin bed and make the playroom bigger? It wore me out!

Ultimately, we decided she is 7 and needs space to play. She has lots of toys that she loves and plays with and I don't want to hinder that. Our main guest is my Mom and she was fine sleeping on a twin, so we made the bedroom the small room and the bigger room is the playroom. In 3-5 years, we will likely get a small guest bedroom back and Abby won't need a playroom.

The design for her room came from this fun bedding by Pillowfort at Target. We bought it before we moved and took the sham to Sherwin Williams where Abby and I looked at lots of paint. We decided on Mint Condition, a light and bright mint green and had both her rooms painted that color.

I bought her nightstand on a resale page for $15 and then painted it and used crystal knobs. It has great storage for books! I then shared that bedding with my friend Anna who made this sign for Abby as a surprise. It is her favorite Bible verse and fitting for a young girl learning kindness, humility, and beginning to be involved in extra activities. I love how it turned out!

The other side of her room has her IKEA Hemnes dresser with crystal knobs and a few of her favorite art pieces from the old house. She loves the bunny she painted and is excited to paint another one this summer!

It is a sweet little room for my sweet little girl!

Next door to Abby's bedroom is her playroom. This room is full of fun! Most of the furniture was in her old playroom, we just added some different pieces and painted a few things!

Playing off the mint green, I added peach, grey and gold using Target's pillowfort line again. Such cute stuff at the right time for me! We kept some pinks and blues since we had those pieces from the old house.

More importantly than her space, Abby's heart toward this move has been great! She is excited to start a new school in the fall where she already has lots of church friends. She surprised us all with her first vacation request when we talked about spending our money on things other than our house- Africa to see Sole Hope kids. That is the kind of confirmation a Momma needs!