Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our 1515Home Lighting

I think lighting can make such a difference in a house, so our renovation week included 12 light fixtures! God love my husband and his triceps! He spent a lot of time on a ladder looking up.

My favorite light fixture is this pendant cluster I found on Amazon. It hangs over the dining room table. It is fully adjustable and at under $150 makes a statement for a steal. I also love my collage wall behind it- I'm just waiting on a big wooden fork to come in above Bessie, the cow head.

Here is the light fixture freshly installed with the lights off. It looks pretty on or off! You can also see the cabinets in the background before we chalk painted them and the gold bedroom before it was painted.

One of my favorite light fixtures in our old house was the mason jars pendant in my kitchen and dining room. I was able to do a similar look with these ceiling fans from Home Depot. They weren't in stores, but you can find them online. I looked and looked knowing I wanted dark wood, good lighting and no frosted glass for under $200! We installed these in 3 bedrooms, the living room and the office. If you love this look and have the popular tile that looks like wood in a weathered color, that is the opposite side fan blade!

Next up, we removed 4 mushroom lights found in the hallway and laundry room and replaced them with small drum shades, also from Amazon. These give off great light and are low profile since our ceilings are only 8 foot.

Finally, we updated the two lights outdoors. Both shine good light on the porches of our home.

Thanks for visiting our home!