Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our 1515Home Office

I work from home so a home office was a must. I also own and use lots of craft supplies. We knew our home had to have a home office or a bedroom to make into a home office. 

In our old home, I used a bedroom as my office and my husband had the traditional office. So we each had our own space. We are now sharing and realized how much we use the office at separate times. I work more during the day and he does computer gaming, etc. at night. It works for us!

Our space has a large opening into the living room/kitchen and eventually we might do french doors, but for now, it is open. Knowing that, we bought all new office furniture that matches. After looking around, we settled on IKEA. It gave us the best wall to wall options for the price and I liked having white so that it wouldn't be too heavy for the small room.

My wall is longer and holds the three pieces above while Marcus has a smaller wall and just a desk and bookcase. We had the walls painted Agreeable Grey and a new ceiling fan from Home Depot installed. 

We spent a little extra and had IKEA do both delivery and assembly. With all the projects we had going on, it was easy to outsource this one. And, we haven't always had the best luck with building IKEA ourselves. This was a no brainer!

Here is my space after unpacking. I love the vintage colors coming through in my office supplies. I added a glass top to our desks in the hopes that it keeps the furniture looking new longer. IKEA is often a softer wood and I didn't want us to damage it easily. Although my space is smaller, I honestly have better storage now.

The final touch- I added pink vintage glass knobs in place of the black IKEA basic ones. For $30, it added that vintage feel rather than the clean modern feel of IKEA. I found these on Etsy and almost bought green!

Marcus' side features his beloved Millennium Falcon. This piece was designed and laser cut by a friend and he loves having it in his office rather than the garage!

We also hung our diplomas in here. We are still paying for those pieces of paper!

Thanks for visiting our little office!