Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flavored Water of the South

It is rare to find me without a sweet tea in arm's reach. My hairdresser calls it the flavored water of the South!

I have noticed tons of restaurants advertising that they now offer sweet tea and it thrills me. I honestly select my lunch locations based upon their sweet tea quality.

Here are a few I have noticed now offering sweet tea. Please add to my list so we all can drink more "water"!

- Schlotzsky's- they even have green tea!
- McDonalds- need to try it!
- Wendys- very good fresh tasting tea!
- Arbys- tastes more like Crystal Light tea, I would guess it is from a powder.
- Taco Bell- my friend Jenny says it is addictive!
- Cheddar's- tastes great!

Of course we can always get sweet tea at Chick-fil-a, Sonic, McAlister's Deli, Golden Chick and any legitimate BBQ restaurant.