Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Advent Calendar Ideas

This year will be my first Christmas with a baby in our family! There are a million traditions I have to start this year (or so I have convinced myself!) and one of them is the Advent Calendar. I think counting down to Christmas each day will be so much fun! My daughter's birthday is just after Christmas, so I'm not sure how much will register with her, but we'll have fun all the while.
I shopped all over the Internet to find an Advent Calendar for us to use for years to come. I had no idea what variety could be found.
This one is on etsy and made from round metal tins. She put so much detail into the layers of Christmas papers.This one is precious- I love mittens, sweaters and little scarves in my Christmas decor. I live in Texas, so it isn't in my wardrobe! I just didn't think I had the space for it. Plus, it isn't very interactive in the countdown. The focus seemed to be the gift inside the mitten.
That bring me to the elf that I came really close to buying. I love this sweet elf lady and her big dress with pockets. I just love her style. She also would match my country plaid Christmas decor and could be hung or sit on a big unused chair.

In the end, I decided on the felt house from Land of Nod. It was half the price of the elf, took up less space, and I think the countdown is the focus and not the gifts inside.

However, I do want to put something in a couple of pockets to surprise her! I need your help- what fits in these little 2.5" pockets? Remember, she is almost 12 months old when this is in use.
Also, if you have an advent calendar, tell me how you make it special? I can't wait for the holidays to begin and with my felt house, they will begin in just 26 days!