Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can You Paint a Lampshade?

Why yes you can! I painted black trim on my new craft room's lamp shade and chandelier shades and it was easy and looks great!
I always think lamp shades are boring. I seem to always add ribbon, ric rac or pom poms to every lamp shade. I should take my glue gun to the lamp aisle at Target!
This time around- I wanted simple clean black trim on the top and bottom. So, I bought cheap craft paint appropriate for fabric and a set of thin brushes.
My chandelier shades were left over from my old dining room. I just couldn't let myself spend $100 on new shades. I love the shades at Ballard Designs, but since I am trying to redo my room only on money I make from selling my craft supplies on ebay I had to cut costs on this one.
So, I began painting the raised trim along the top and bottom of each shade. The design of these sahdes was perfect for adding painted trim.Here are my 6 shades. The neat straight lines weren't terribly neat after 6 shades; however, I am not too concerned since these will be hung 2 feet above my head.

Here is the finished product on the chandelier. I love the added little extra the black brings.
Look around the room- can you spruce up your own lampshades?


We are the Guerra's! said...

LOVE IT! I actually found a lampshade in the dumpster here at our complex in perfect condition. (It was sitting on top, so no diving in the dumpster...and I totally disinfected it with some Lysol just in case) I gave it to my mom for an antique lamp she had and we're going to paint it too! Your idea is perfect timing :o)

Thena said...

Yoiu have such great ideas. I almost thought about selling our lamps at the yard sale yesterday. We never use them, we always use the light on the ceiling fan. But my lampshades are almost like yours except square. Black base with a black picture frame sitting in front of it. The black trim would look great.

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