Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can You Paint a Lampshade?

Why yes you can! I painted black trim on my new craft room's lamp shade and chandelier shades and it was easy and looks great!
I always think lamp shades are boring. I seem to always add ribbon, ric rac or pom poms to every lamp shade. I should take my glue gun to the lamp aisle at Target!
This time around- I wanted simple clean black trim on the top and bottom. So, I bought cheap craft paint appropriate for fabric and a set of thin brushes.
My chandelier shades were left over from my old dining room. I just couldn't let myself spend $100 on new shades. I love the shades at Ballard Designs, but since I am trying to redo my room only on money I make from selling my craft supplies on ebay I had to cut costs on this one.
So, I began painting the raised trim along the top and bottom of each shade. The design of these sahdes was perfect for adding painted trim.Here are my 6 shades. The neat straight lines weren't terribly neat after 6 shades; however, I am not too concerned since these will be hung 2 feet above my head.

Here is the finished product on the chandelier. I love the added little extra the black brings.
Look around the room- can you spruce up your own lampshades?