Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Toddler Room, take 2

So, I ordered the Land of Nod bedding and I didn't like it. The square quilt I loved, but the prints of the fabrics on the quilt were too "tribal" for me. I just didn't think it was girly enough. So, the quilt, pillow and the curtains are on their way back. But, I placed a second order and I really am happy.

Introducing the Madras Plaid quilt from Pottery Barn Kids that is on super sales right now! I got the quilt for less than $60. Extra money left over for accessories! So excited! I also ordered her pink and blue sheets on a great sale at Macy's.
They are out of the standard sham, so I ordered the Euro sham. It'll be fun. I did find the standard sham on eBay, but it was more than the Euro? I am a plaid girl- love plaids, so this is a great neutral bedding for our house.
I also love the little touches of blue. I think it'll be great with her blue walls. The yellow chair in her room doesn't match as well as I would like now, but I can live with it for sure! I'll be looking for an additional fabric to add in for her bed skirt, curtains, and a throw pillow. New craft project for Mom ;)

I searched high and low on Etsy for the right vinyl wall art. There are a million and one options out there! I decided on this 6 feet tall tree. You can customize all of the pieces. I went with the brown as shown and a little lighter green , but added extra birds. We have white and pink birds to play with. I think they will be fun sitting on top of the door frames, in the clouds already in her room, and even on the edge where her furniture is placed.
I think I'll also bring the birdcage over from her bathroom and place it by the tree. Fun!

We'll be converting her room over the next few months- final reveal coming early next year!