Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bracelet Love

I am currently coveting three bracelets out of my budget! Maybe Santa or the bonus fairy will bring them to me!

Aren't there Tory Burch leather cuffs cute? I tried on the black one at the mall and it is super cute on- good thing they didn't have orange in the store or I might have made the purchase!
I fell in love with this bracelet on the plane to Cabo in September and when we landed I got up the nerve to ask the other passenger who made it. The detail on it is amazing- it is very Brighton-esque, but more "mature" without the hearts and flowers. She told me Konstantino whom I had never heard of. I asked her where to find his designs and got the most snotty look as she told me Neiman Marcus. No wonder I hadn't heard of him! I thought about this bracelet all week in Mexico and when we got internet on the plane ride home I finally looked it up. Yea, not in the budget.
Then, this week my Sundance catalog came in the mail and the Avalon bracelet was pictured. Isn't this a close version of my beloved Konstantino? It is much more affordable and I really love the details!
Sometimes it is easy to make the right decision and walk away from something you want, but don't need and sometimes the decision is tough!
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